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Home-cooked home-cooked meals for service managers, masters, and husband's young son.
There are lots of mountain products such as homemade vegetables, wild plants harvested in the back mountains, and river fish.
The amount is not so large, but it is nostalgic and has the original taste of the ingredients.
You can feel the four seasons of the countryside.
It's also fun to set aside what's on the platter.Of course it's hot.
Menus change daily so that those who stay consecutively can enjoy it.
  • Dinner

    Hospitality with seasonal tastes such as wild plants, mushrooms, and fresh homemade vegetables.
    Please enjoy the taste of nostalgic and simple home-cooked food.

    【Menu example】
    3 kinds of appetizers/River fish sashimi or horse sashimi/Soba tofu/Produced in Nagano Prefecture mushroom dish and vinegared dish/Grilled duck meat on a ceramic plate/Grilled sweetfish with salt/Tempura/Dessert
  • Breakfast

    There is a plan with breakfast.